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CIRCLESQRFirst off, Heather would like to say Yo! to you and that she was born and raised here in Los Angeles and never left. She LOVES traveling more than anything but could never leave land of tacos and good weather. When she’s not in school studying to be a sex therapist, Heather runs two food based businesses. The Cheesecake Dude and The Shugah Mama. The Cheesecake Dude is obviously all about cheesecake and The Shugah Mama is an all vegan/gluten free/soy free line of delicious baked goods. Heather loves bikram yoga, riding bikes, eating, hanging out with friends, and being entertained by her crazy cats. She’s a typical Californian and says “Like”, “Dude”, and “Totally!” constantly.

Heather will be working with photographer Alex de la Hidalga.

Heather would like you to know she’s super stoked to be a part of FGFS, and hopes you enjoy reading her stuff! Follow her around LA over on Instagram & Twitter.

FGFS (chalk) graffiti somewhere in the belly of LA!


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CIRCLESQRJordan Shiveley 

Jordan is the Sous Chef at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is also the publisher at Grimalkin Press.


CIRCLESQRMadeline Johnston 

The best way to describe Madeline is fun-loving, outgoing and a wee bit silly. As a green tea drinking and oatmeal-crazed, green smoothie enthusiast, she resides in Tasmania, Australia, where the weather is rainy one minute, then sunny the next. When she isn’t studying her butt off, she is often perusing the internet mindlessly, talking about Star Trek and perfecting her coconut slice recipe.

After struggling with her weight for years, she spent twelve months some until it turned into an unhealthy obsession. Now, she focuses solely on having a healthy, balanced lifestyle and being happy with herself for who she is. She wants people to know that life is better when you love yourself, and that your bodyweight is not a reflection of who you are.

Madeline also contributes to Sci-Fi Bloggers, and you can find her at her Twitter, where she is often procrastinating.


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