Lookin’ Good Girl — Food for Your Face


By Vanessa Vaillant

Here at Fat Girl Food Squad, we’re always talking about delicious food. We all love to nourish our bodies with food, but it can also be great for nourishing our skin! Often when you think of foods that are good for your body, they will have properties that are nourishing to the skin as well. Feeding your face and body with food-­based ingredients is a fun and healthy way to take care of yourself.

Green Tea

We all know that green tea is good for the body but it’s also fantastic for your skin. Green tea is very high in antioxidants and also has antibacterial properties. Antioxidants help to fight against free radicals that are all around us, coming from a variety of sources like pollution and cigarette smoke. An easy way to get green tea into your skin is to simply brew up a cup and tone your face with it. Toning your skin before adding moisturizer will keep your skin more hydrated, and you won’t need to use as much moisturizer. You can also use matcha green tea powder mixed into a face mask.



Papayas are not only delicious, they are also jam packed full of vitamins for your skin. They’re full of vitamins A, B, and C, contain powerful alpha hydroxy acids, and also their own powerful papaya enzymes. Fruit enzymes are a great way to naturally exfoliate the skin without actually scrubbing it because they’ll eat away at dead skin cells. This is especially good for anyone who has a sensitivity to exfoliating. The naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids and papaya enzymes will brighten up the skin and help to remove dead cells. You can also look for fruit enzymes in facial cleansers, masks, and moisturizers.

Lush Cosmetic’s The Sacred Truth face mask combines papaya, matcha green tea, and fresh wheatgrass to pack a foodie punch to your skin!


Beet Root

Eating a rainbow of colourful foods is what you often hear about when aiming for good internal health. If you’ve ever prepared beets before, you will know that they are incredibly pigmented. Beets also contain a high amount of vitamins and phytochemicals. Beet juice can be used to naturally stain the skin — you can use it all on its own as a lip or cheek stain. The colour that beets give is very natural looking on the skin, and can be layered for a bolder look.

Small-batch organic skincare company, Fat and The Moon, make a great lip and cheek stain that
uses beet root for pigment.



Peaches were once thought of as the fruit of immortality, so it’s no wonder that peach kernel oil (and as apricot kernel oil) is often used in “anti­-ageing” products. Peach kernel oil is extracted from the pit of the fruit; this oil is naturally high in good fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A and E, meaning it’s great for keeping skin looking fresh and youthful. This type of oil is also easily absorbed into the skin, so it won’t feel heavy or greasy. Look for apricot or peach kernel oil in moisturizers for the face, lips, and body.

Tony Moly makes a super adorable peach hand lotion!  I picked mine up at Pacific Mall.



Honey has been used topically on the skin since Ancient Egyptian times. It has both antibacterial and soothing properties, which makes it exceptionally good for anyone with skin conditions like eczema. It’s wonderful for healing because it will sooth the skin and encourage the growth of healthy skin cells. You can apply honey directly onto your skin, or look for skincare products containing honey in the base. You can also make your own body scrub by mixing honey with an exfoliating base like sugar, salt, or ground coffee.


The Delicious Food Show Brings Martha Stewart to Toronto

Delicious foods showPhoto: Delicious Foods Show

Originally posted to Ama’s twice-weekly column on Toronto is Awesome

Foodies!  Are you half as excited about The Delicious Food Show as I am?  Happening this weekend (October 25-27), The Delicious Food Show is Toronto’s newest and highly anticipated decadent food and lifestyle design event.

Some of your favourite food and entertaining personalities will be presenting at the Food Network stage including Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef fame, Mark McEwan from Top Chef Canada, Lynn Crawford fromPitchin’ In, Chef Cobrin from Dinner Party Wars and Chuck Hughes from Chuck’s Day Off.  But the biggest guest of them all will be: household name, best-selling author, TV show host and queen of all “good things,”Martha Stewart.

This ultimate Foodie event will feature over three and a half pleasure packed days, cooking demonstrations, food pairings and hands-on food seminars.

Delicious foods showPhoto: Delicious foods show

In the GE Cafe, you’ll be able to register and take in up to 50 classes throughout the show including sushi rolling.  Or if you love the PC Black Label gourmet food line, check out Chef, Tom Filippou and the experts at the Loblaws space to see what’s exciting and new!

Five of the city’s top mobile kitchens will be taking part in Food Trucks for Mt Sinai to raise funds for an incredible cause.  A variety of dishes for $10 from Buster’s Sea Cove, Gourmet Bitches, Feisty Jack, Gourmet Gringos and Fidel Gastro. A portion of the Food Trucks for Sinai sales will be donated to Mount Sinai Hospital, in support of support life-saving work in care and research in women’s cancers.

For more information on the show’s schedule or how to go about show tickets, visit the website.