[CONTEST] Monster Cereals Are Coming Back At Ya

2013-10-12 11.07.30By Acacia Christensen.

Currently it is #NationalCerealLoversWeek and there is plenty going on to celebrate that crunchy goodness you get first thing in the morning. At Fat Girl Food Squad we’ve decided to celebrate that and a mix of Halloween by bringing you a chance to win some special edition re-releases of some of our favourite cereals and a few that might be new to some of you.


When I think of the cereal I ate as a child I tend to remember all of the crazy mascots and jingles as well as the prizes that came in the box. One thing that I find now living in Canada and making frequent trips to the US is that we have a much smaller variety of fun kid’s cereals available to us now. A specific example would be the General Mills brand Monster Cereals! Now we are all familiar with Count Chocula which is now only available on Halloween, but every year over the Halloween season there are releases of Frankenberry and Boo-Berry.

Many moons ago there were two other howling good flavours: Frute Brute – cherry ghosts with lime monster-mallows, and Yummy Mummy – orange ghosts with vanilla monster-mallows! These two flavours have not been available since 1988 and 1992 respectively. What the amazing folks at General Mills have done this year is re-ressurected all 5 flavours at once for us for a limited time only. Even crazier is that the original retro-packaging is available at select Target locations across the US. They are definitely a monstrously delicious sugar treat for breakfast that are as great as I remember them to be.
2013-10-12 11.05.10
Up for grabs are a box of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy, the two resurrected flavours, in their retro packaging.
How to enter:
2. Tweet @ us your best spooky puns and/or jokes and use the hashtag #FGFSlovesSpookyPuns

Contest runs from Thursday October 17th through to Wednesday October 23rd at 5PM EST. Winners will be notified of their win 24 hours after contest close.