Sip N’ Slurp ‘N Ottawa

Sip N' Slurp

Sip N’ Slurp!

One thing we here at Fat Girl Food Squad can get behind is messy eating. Be it overflowing burgers, melting ice cream or sticky stringy cheese, we’re always on the look out for something that lets us really get our hands dirty. Or, in this case, our faces.

Sip N’ Slurp is Ottawa’s Noodlefest, brought to the city by Privé Food Thought, the same group who brought us the incredibly successful Underground Food Market.

Get your Noodlefest tickets fast; the Food Market sold out, and there’s no doubt Ottawa’s noodle craving will match it. And if you can’t make it, check back here for our fully, messy coverage.


AwesTRUCK 2013 Brings Ontario its Biggest Food Truck Rally

Originally posted to Ama’s twice-weekly column on Toronto Is Awesome

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, however this could not stop foodies nor food truck fans from trudging through the rain and mud at Fort York to attend AwesTRUCK 2013.  This planned to be Ontario’s largest food truck rally and many awards were to be handed out in several different categories including best new food truck, best design, etc.

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Chilly Ribbons ain’t yo mamas frozen dessert!

Big bowl o' Chilly Ribbons

Big bowl o’ Chilly Ribbons

A new cool treat has hit the block in the middle of the Ontario heat-wave, straight from Asia and it ain’t yo’ mama’s shaved ice snow cone, frozen yogurt, or ice cream.  This here is called Chilly Ribbons and it’s bringing frozen desserts to a whole new level of awesome.

Na Tran is the owner and operator of the new Toronto mobile Chilly Ribbon’s kiosk.    When I asked her what exactly a Chilly Ribbon was she disclosed, “It’s a light and fluffy, frozen creamy treat that has approximately ¼ of the calories as a bowl of ice-cream or frozen yogurt. It’s made from fresh and flavourful exotic fruit puree like mango, strawberry, and coconut, and it is infused with the finest ingredients with no preservatives added.”

Chilly Ribbons is served up with a shaving technology that delivers long, flowing wafers of goodness.  Na tells me that, “It’s shaved off a fruit block so finely that it’s light and airy like snow.”  With that, Chilly Ribbons has the ability to serve up over 40 different flavours including: juicy mango, fresh strawberries, tangy lemon, and sweet Canadian maple. Na tells me that all of the flavours from Chilly Ribbons are 100% natural and made with real fresh fruit puree.

Chilly Ribbons mobile kiosk

Chilly Ribbons mobile kiosk

So with Toronto’s picky foodies lining up at food truck rallies across the city, I’ve asked Na what the reaction has been like so far and she told me that the feedback they have been getting is incredibly positive. “People gather around to watch the show.  Everyone is just in awe and taking pictures of the product being shaved. When they receive their serving, they want to take a picture with it because it looks so unique.  The real fun though comes with the first mouthful.”

So how exactly can you track down a Chilly Ribbons kiosk?  They will be at the following events in the coming weeks or track them via Twitter:

T&T Waterfront Night Market
July 19-21
202 Cherry Street

MEC Multicultural Event
July 27-28
Scarborough, Ontario

Port Credit Busker Fest
August 16-18
158 Lakeshore Road East

RBC Student Appreciation Day
August 30
King and University intersection in Waterloo

Interview with Miss Jiggly Caliente Brooks


photo cred: Becca Lemire


The Squad was so honoured and excited to chat with New York’s own plus-sized ‘Asian-Barbie doll’, the fierce and personality packed Jiggly Caliente from season four of RuPaul’s Drag Race.


In town to perform at several events, including Pinky’s 1 Year Big Gay Anniversary, we were able to chat about all things food, exercise, drag and New York.  This pinoy princess was never short of answers.


FGFS:  So first things first Jiggly, a lot of people talk about your size since you’re the ‘Plus-Size Asian Barbie Doll’.  Have you ever tried to maintain your weight or are you perfectly content the way you are?


JC: You know what, I hate walking and I hate exercising.  I probably should do it, but I hate it.  But I love dancing and I get to do a lot of that in my routines.  A lot of my performances are dance base, so I feel like that’s where I get my biggest work out.  Heart problems do run in my family though, so I should work at it.


FGFS: So when you’re on tour, you have your pick of food.  So what do you like to eat?


JC:  Whenever I’m in Canada, I have to get poutine.  But whenever I’m in Philly, I have to hit up Genos’ for a Philly Cheesesteak, because it’s authentic and legit.  Or whenever I have a tour stop in Chicago, you have to order a deep dish pizza.  You can’t get deep dish anywhere else like that.


FGFS: What has the Toronto experience been like for you?


JC: It has been great, I have family that live up here.  So this has been half a trip to see them and half a trip to promote Pride Toronto and my shows.


FGFS: How supportive have your family been of you being in the drag world?


JC: In the beginning it was awkward for my family, mainly my mom. My mom is a really bad-ass bitch (she’s  Filipino) and she will tell you exactly how she feels.  So when I finally told her one day, “Mommy, I’m a drag queen.”  She was a bit confused.  It’s taken awhile for my entire family to come around, to be cool and to accept it. Now that they do,my mom –  she has become my biggest supporter ever.


FGFS:  So you’re part of the New York drag scene, but how did you apply to become part of RuPaul’s Drag Race and has it changed your career?


JC: (laughs) It was all Manila’s fault. Blame her.  She said the show really needed an Asian plus-size girl.  So she ended up putting together all my forms for the show and I got a call from the producers.  New York Girls, gotta stick together.


FGFS: So what is your idea of comfort?


JC: Comfort to me is a huge bowl of Arroz Caldo.  It is an authentic Filipino rice porridge or congee. Chicken and rice are slowly simmered in a delicious broth flavored with garlic, onions, ginger and some other ingredients.  That is comfort in a bowl.  If I’m not having that, I love to make lasagna with LAYERS and LAYERS of cheese.


FGFS: Alright, so I’m visiting New York in a few weeks.  I’ve been before but give me all the Jiggly-approved spots.


JC: You have to check out Gray’s Papaya (located at 402 6th Avenue) in Greenwich Village.  They have cheap hot dog, pizza and great tropical drinks.  In the Lower East Side, if you love Indian food – you should check out Curry Row.  There are over a dozen restaurants you could choose from that are really good.  Hop Kee Restaurant in Chinatown (21 Mott Street) serves up these amazing salsa pork chops that are to die-for.   If you just want a fun night out in Koreatown, check out Gagopa Karaoke (28 W 32nd Street) because it’s little hole in the wall, but the music is good and the drinks are cheap.